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Demonstration of the HyperImage Editor and the Light Table Function in the HyperImage Reader

The following video clips demonstrate some of the functions and the use of the HyperImage Editor and the Light Table functions in the HyperImage Reader. The sequence of the films represents a typically logical series of steps in the use of the Editor.
The example used in the demonstration stems from the HyperKunsthalle project. Details of the Reader version, i.e. the completed project, can be found under the Examples item in the menu, or directly here  
Details of the range of Editor functions can be found in the HyperImage Editor User Manual  Benutzerhandbuch  and in the HyperImage Reader Manual  PDF Manual: Exporting, Converting and Publishing 


Load Editor, Login, Select Project
Video  Video  (0:23″)

Add Groups, Move Group Elements, Name Groups
Video  Video  (0:31″)

Open Object Editor, Enter Metadata
Video  Video  (0:20″)

Link Image Details with a View
Video  Video  (1:21″)

Create Link to an Image Detail
Video  Video  (0:40″)

Add View
Video  Video  (0:44″)

Create and Link an Inscription
Video  Video  (0:26″)

Open Target Link
Video  Video  (0:09″)

Add Project Language
Video  Video  (0:32″)

Search Function
Video  Video  (0:19″)

Exporting from the HyperImage Editor
Video  Video  (0:27″)

Converting Using the PostPeTALGenerator
Video  Video  (0:44″)

Add a Light Table in the HyperImage Reader
Video  Video  (1:16″)

Transfer a Light Table to the HyperImage Editor
Video  Video  (0:27″)

New ‘Public’ Light Table in HyperImage Reader
Video  Video  (0:15″)