mt egmont localities distribution map dawson falls species xenophyes cascus bergroth 1924 adult female from carter 1950 finds 1 nymph coll m w 12 november 1945 mentioned location details mount approx 3000 ft north island n z habitat a patch of wet moss on tree-trunk 3 above the ground in dense weinmannia forest deposited museum plant diseases division department scientific and industrial research auckland 2 p buchier may 1954 woodward 1956 ca 3100 leaf mould subalpine dominion wellington northern side 4 nymphs b e g molesworth april 1946 4000 psilopilum crispulum heavy 7 1947 clump mosses growing stone at base large weinamnnia racemosa d v holloway 18 slopes ex stratford house t 15 1951 1952 as x forsteri taranaki near swamp off road up to no data